employment counseling

We know that managing employees can be a challenging day-to-day task for employers of all sizes and industries. At SLG, we have the knowledge and experience to help businesses navigate their way through the complex federal and state employment laws that govern almost every aspect of the employment relationship. Specifically, we provide timely and effective advice and counsel on a wide variety of employment matters, including:

  • wage and hour compliance
  • family and medical leave
  • disabled employees and reasonable accommodations
  • discrimination and harassment
  • affirmative action programs
  • hiring, discipline and discharge practices
  • employment manuals and policies
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • severance and release agreements
  • employment-based immigration
  • union avoidance
  • facility closing or downsizing
  • workforce restructuring
  • preparation for audits and investigations conducted by state and federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Labor, the N.C. Department of Labor, the N.C. Employment Security Commission, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

representative experience

  • Represented local non-profit entity in negotiating and formulating executive severance packages
  • Provided ongoing employment advice and counsel to national hospitality corporation on matters ranging from family and medical leave compliance to mass layoffs
  • Provided advice and counsel to a local real estate business regarding the creation and implementation of non-insurance based benefits, such as paid vacation, paid sick leave, education reimbursement, and flexible working arrangements
  • Provided advice and counsel to a local recruiting business and local restaurant in preparation for an audit by the ESC and the N.C. Department of Labor, respectively