risk assessments and litigation avoidance audits

SLG works with clients to ensure their compliance with federal and state employment laws in efforts to avoid government investigations and audits, employee complaints and charges, as well as litigation. We provide both risk assessments, identifying potential liability for an employer in connection with a particular employment-related matter, as well as in-depth legal compliance audits to highlight potential legal issues concerning a company’s employment practices or procedures. Specifically, we provide risk assessments and legal compliance audits concerning the following:

  • proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors
  • proper classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt in accordance with federal and state guidelines
  • payroll practices, such as identifying compensable working time, recordkeeping requirements, and overtime calculation
  • federal form I-9 assessments
  • policies addressing family and medical leave, military leave, and other leaves of absence
  • affirmative action program implementation
  • refining personnel policies, procedures, and manuals to ensure legal compliance
  • workforce downsizing or restructuring strategies
  • discipline and discharge practices
  • reasonable accommodation practices for disabled employees

representative experience

  • Represented international corporation in the assessment of and creation of independent contractor agreements
  • Provided a risk assessment for a local real estate business regarding the importance of creating proper leave policies required by law, such as family and medical leave and leave for disabled individuals
  • Prepared a workforce reorganization plan for a local business to, among other matters, reduce the potential risk of employment law claims and charges resulting from necessary layoffs and job changes