on-site training and education

SLG provides seminars and training workshops for supervisors, human resource personnel, and employees in areas such as general state and federal employment law compliance, leave requirements under state and federal law (such as family and medical leave), effective discipline and discharge procedures, union avoidance, and harassment and discrimination procedures – all in an effort to minimize the risk of employment-related litigation. SLG offers training and educational services to its clients either at the client’s site or at SLG’s office, whichever is most convenient for the client.

representative experience

  • Provided on-site sexual harassment training for a multi-state employer’s supervisors and general workforce
  • Provided on-site training for human resource personnel of a national hospitality firm regarding proper compliance with family and medical leave procedures
  • Provided on-site union avoidance training for a national restaurant chain to educate management on their legal rights and obligations